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What are Parent Points

It is a point's based system awarded to parents/guardians of a PSHS student for hour's volunteered and/or monetary contributions toward the class of choice for preferred seating during the class' Graduation Ceremony.

How do you get them?

Points are accumulated each school year based upon the amount of hours a parent/guardian volunteers or monetary donations. These points are accumulated over the student's tenure at PSHS and are redeemable during the student's Graduation Ceremony.


How many do I need?

Minimum of 50 points entitles a student's party to sit in the VIP section. Prior to each Graduation Ceremony, a report will be generated listing each parent that has accumulated "Parent Points" from the highest point total to the lowest. The parent/student with the highest point total will be seated closest  to the front rows of the VIP section with the lowest to the rear of the VIP section.

Parent Points System Scale

  • 1 Hour = 1 point
    • Working on your class Homecoming Float Construction
    • Attending your class Parent Meetings
    • Assisting during your class Homecoming Parade (during parade)
    • Fundraisers either helping organize or attending fundraisers for ASB events, such as car wash or restaurant fundraisers
    • Chaperoning Dances (all ASB or class sponsored dances)​
  • 4 hours = 1 point
    • Volunteering at school for special school events
      • when the library needs help
      • validation/orientation
      • Hall of Fame Banquet
      • or other special events
  • $10.00 = 1 point
    • Supplies or Donated services ( DJ, Photo Booth) contributed for an approved class event​


* Preferred seating for all Class/ASB Officers parties will be based upon the amount of "Parent Points" accumulated by the parent/adult and are not guaranteed front row seating. The parent/guardian of a Senior Class or ASB Officer will have seating in the VIP sections; however it will not necessarily be in the front row.

**VIP seating is reserved for parent points garnered from volunteering or donating money to ASB or to the graduating class. All other parent points will be guaranteed reserved seating not necessarily in the VIP section.

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